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Walk the Nativity

Join Oakwood Forest Church on Saturday 21st December 2013 at 3pm when we will walk the Nativity story.

Come and hear the story, meet the characters and share in the joy of Jesus’ birth.


Walking, exploring & praying together

oakwood forest church image

In him was life,
and the life was the light of all people.
And the light shines in the darkness,
but the darkness has not overcome it.
( John 1:5)

Oakwood Forest Church is:
–       A fresh expression of church
–       Non-denominational
–       Open to everyone
–       Christ Centered
–       Part of a national network of forest churches


We walk, we explore and we pray together.
We are a group of people gathering to meet God and journey with Him.
We are church.

Oakwood Forest Church Inaugural Meeting

Yesterday Oakwood Forest Church met for the first time.  We spent a wonderful hour in Oakwood as a group of 9 adults and 17 children.

We walked through Oakwood and the nearby lake; we explored God’s creation and His love in our lives and we prayed for His guidance, protection and love.

In these photos you can see:
– the gathering activity of leaf spotting
– the climbing of ancient oaks
– ripples of forgiveness
– a robin who followed us
– a group of people in God’s cathedral