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Oakwood Forest Church Walks Creation

In January Oakwood Forest Church walked, explored and prayed about creation.  These are the introduction and readings which we shared along the way.

Today we will walk the creation story. Creation is described in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. This story was written over 4000 years ago, when no one understood how the world was made or how it works. Within the story there are many truths for us to understand and many questions we need to think about. We will walk seven bases; one for each day of the creation story and think about what each phase of creation was like for God, for the world and for those being created.

Base One
On the first day God created light and separated the light from the darkness, calling light “day” and darkness “night.” God saw the light and the dark and said “it is good”.

Base Two
On the second day God created a huge space to separate the waters and called it “sky.” God saw the sky and said “it is good”.

Base Three
On the third day God created the dry ground and gathered the waters, calling the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters “seas.” He put plants and trees on the land. God saw the land and the sea and said “it is good”.

Base Four
On the fourth day God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth and to separate the day and the night. God saw the sun, moon and stars and said “it is good”.

Base Five
On the fifth day God created every living creature of the seas and every winged bird of the sky, telling them to fill the waters and the sky with life. God saw the birds and the fish and said “it is good”.

Base Six
On the sixth day God created the animals to fill the earth. The small ones like the ants, the medium ones like the dogs and the large ones like the elephants. God then created man and woman (Adam and Eve) in his own image. God told the men and women to care for the earth. God saw the animals and the men and women and said “it is VERY good”.

Base Seven
On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation and so he rested, blessing it and making it holy.


During the walk we battled the elements of flooded lake water, raised water table and unbelievable amounts of mud; but none of it put us off.  We collected items we found to create our own symbols of worship including crosses, posies and hearts.  We planted seeds in tiny pots using some of the surplus mud; the seedlings are emerging as we type.  And we prayed together asking God to help us care for His creation as best we can.


We will meet again on Saturday 15th February 2015 at 3pm to walk, explore and pray about love.


Walking the Nativity

Picture the scene:  a cold, bright winters day inviting the family out for a walk to explore the nativity.  Yes; that really was what I imagined the weather would be like on Saturday 21st December 2013 which just goes to prove that I did not miss my calling to be a weather forecaster.

In reality the day was the second or third wet day in a row and cold to boot.  I had sent out reassuring messages in email, text and on facebook that Oakwood Forest Church was not weather dependant and arrived with little expectation of any turn out at all.  What a doubting Thomas I am.  Five hardy families and a couple of well dressed adults came along ready to Walk the Nativity despite the wind and rain.

ofc walking nativity handout

As we walked alongside the fast moving Loddon Brook we stopped six times to meet the characters, hear the nativity story, explore the meaning and share the joy of Jesus’ birth.  We sang Away in a Manger to the surprise of the dog walkers and hung our handmade biodegradable christmas decorations on the ancient Gemini Oak before praying together for the truth of Christmas to be heard far and wide and the love of God to be felt in every home.

walk the nativity photos 211213

We meet again on Saturday 18th January 2014 at 3pm.

Walking, exploring & praying together

oakwood forest church image

In him was life,
and the life was the light of all people.
And the light shines in the darkness,
but the darkness has not overcome it.
( John 1:5)

Oakwood Forest Church is:
–       A fresh expression of church
–       Non-denominational
–       Open to everyone
–       Christ Centered
–       Part of a national network of forest churches


We walk, we explore and we pray together.
We are a group of people gathering to meet God and journey with Him.
We are church.